The Polar Bears

The Polar Bears
4th Battalion, 31st Infantry

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We interrupt...

Hi all,

This isn't really a post to the normal blog. I'm just putting up pictures of
some Cadian Imperial Guardsmen that I'm selling to some prospective buyers! Hey,
I have to finance my purchases for this year somehow!

This was going to be part of my Imperial Guard company but I never finished it.
I based coated the models in GW's camo green and I was planning on a Vietnam
GI style paint job. I actually finished a couple and they really looked good.
But those finished figures aren't up for sale. These guys were to be the next
wave that I started but never finished. But you can see that I started putting
on flesh tones and base coated some of the weapons.

Here's the whole platoon:

These two pictures show the platoon as squads. This picture is of two rifle
squads and the platoon leader who's armed with a shotgun:

This picture shows the last squad and the weapons squad. I never got around to
starting the lascannon team:

So what you see is what I'm selling. I checked the current Codex and it is a
complete and legal platoon for 40K, just old school.

Let me know if you're interested.

Anyway, I'll delete this post (if that is possible) fairly soon and I'll have a real
post up later about my new project: Neo-Soviets! They are coming to Liberty as
advisors and arms dealers to support the Republic, but that's the problem with
the Soviets... once they show up they are quite hard to get rid of!

Time now, Charlie Mike!


  1. Oh, I forgot to add that the HQ squad is also in the last picture. It's sitting between the last rifle squad and the weapons squad. You can also see the LT off to the left.