The Polar Bears

The Polar Bears
4th Battalion, 31st Infantry

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another shorty: Spring Break and Historicon

Just a quick post before Spring Break kicks in (I'm a teacher after all!).

So after tooling around I finally have the basics down for my next scenario.  I probably wont't get to it before I take off on Spring Break, but I should have a battle report posted by Easter or so.

The next scenario is going to be the Ambush scenario from the 5150 First Contact book.  To do that I'll have to muster out all of my available AFVs and vehicles to cover the convoy.  It should be a motley crew of M577s, Khurasan's  light tracked crawlers, some British Landrover Snatches, and perhaps a Khurasan armored prime mover if I order one really soon.  That should give the 'Johnny Rebs' more targets to shoot at!  And with the bug level set to 2 then maybe some critters will come out to play.  I have to say, I'm pretty excited about this scenario.  I've never fielded vehicles in a THW game before so this will be a learning experience to say the least!

But before I go there I have 4-8 vehicles and 15 or so insurgents to paint up.  So I'll be pretty busy in the last couple of days before Spring Break.

Finally I've committed to running a CR3/5150 game at Historicon on that Friday at 11:00 AM.  It's a search and destroy mission like the last one I played, but a lot bigger.  I'll play the rebs (with all the fog of war stuff in place) while the players take over a reinforced USCM infantry platoon with an attached tank section.  That should be enough forces for four players each running a section of marines or tanks.  Going up against them... who knows????  Intel isn't very helpful here, they just know that there are unfriendlies in the area taking pot shots (and ambushing!) convoys running down the MSR.  Is it going to be just another "Bug Hunt"?  I'm not telling you.  You'll just have to come and find out!

Anyway, have a great Easter and I'll have more up later.

Semper Fi, carry on...

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