The Polar Bears

The Polar Bears
4th Battalion, 31st Infantry

Friday, April 1, 2011

A shorty: How about these as sentry guns??? And armed colonists.

No sooner than I mention that I can't find sentry guns then one piratically falls into my lap.  Check this guy out here

Just scroll down a bit and you'll find the NAC Grenade Launcher Team (SG15-A16).  These aren't too shabby.  Just drop the NAC Marines and there you go.  They actually look like the LEG sentry guns:

However they have a nicer base for the gun.  I think I'll hit up John for a couple of these once he gets GZG back up and taking orders.

Also, I have a question.  How do these guys look???

G15-V7 - Available: 889
Armed Civilians/Colonists pack A (8 figs)
£ 2.50 

SG15-V8 - Available: 891
Armed Civilians/Colonists pack B (8 figs)
£ 2.50 

SG15-V9 - Available: 884
Armed Civilians/Colonists pack C (8 figs)
£ 2.50 

I'm looking for some nice, but armed, civilians for my games.  I need some colonists for my marines to take out... errr... save!


  1. Hi Scott,

    I have some photos of the GZG armed civilians here and, here, if you scroll down to 15 August 2009 entry and then read down from there.

    Hope they help.

  2. Great stuff Kobold. Thanks for the pics! Now I know I want 'em. I'm gearing up to paint my first batch of colonists/rebels to go up against my marines and bugs. I bet these guys would fit right in with my batch of colonial scum.