The Polar Bears

The Polar Bears
4th Battalion, 31st Infantry

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My strike against Bongolesia

Hi All,

  So today is my birthday, and apparently it is also Bongolesia's Independence Day as well:

  Sorry, today can only be open for one and I claimed it first!  So I decided to launch an unprovoked strike against P'hat Daddee to show him the error of his ways.  Here are some early intel pictures that set the table for today's strike against Bongolesia.  Hopefully my photographic skills have improved some over the last few months!

P'hat Daddee's personal security detail at location Xanadu North, 22 October 2180.

 USCMC Strike Team Delta: 1st Platoon, Able Company, 1/9 Marines

Drone recce picture of "palace" facility code named Xanadu North. 22 October 2281.

Detailed close-up of P'hat Daddee and personal guard detachment approaching HQ building of Xanadu North.

Close-up confirming P'hat Daddee personal guard detachment.  Note the APC transports near CP.  Intel believed that P'hat was preparing to attend the Brittney Spears concert scheduled at 1800 hours GMT.  He was in the HQ building to change clothes and to attend to "personal business" prior to attending to the concert. 

Imagery from the strike coming soon.

Semper Fi, carry on.


  1. Happy Independant birth day Scott:)

    Looking good and its nice to see brigades vehicles being used, just like mine:) but far grittier which fits Bongolesia to a tee:)


    Cheers Matt

  2. Hey Matt, great pics! I love the extra bits that you put on the Rhino and the APCs. I'll have to get some more GZG stuff so I can add extra stuff to my vehicles. The Rhino is one of my favorite tanks, just something cool about a wheeled AFV with a big honking gun. This game was its first outing and I loved playing with it. Thanks for posting!