The Polar Bears

The Polar Bears
4th Battalion, 31st Infantry

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Strike Against Bongolesia: Part 2

     The battle is over. It was a mixed success for the Colonial Marines, but it was an overwhelming success for me in that it was my first game of Ambush Alley's "Tomorrow's War" sci-fi rules.

     Here's how it went down.

The set-up:



     The assault force moved in on P'hat Daddee's "palace" and immediatly came under heavy fire from a merc squad and the old MICV. The Marine tank zeroed in on the old Bradley and toasted it in two shots.

     However P'hatt Daddee's mercs were motivated to ever great heights of bravery! After two turns of heavy firing the brave mercs were wiped out, but they managed to score a mobility kill on the marine tank and a hard kill on an apc full of marines. Two CMs were killed and two others wounded! It was looking grim for the marines!

A lucky RPG hit scores a mobility kill on the tank

Another lucky hit took out my APC that was carrying a full section!

     However lady luck smiled on the marines. They received the iniative three turns running and were able to wipe out scrappy mercs with effective fires.

Sadly, Daddee's technicals were little more than target practice for the surviving M577. The remaining marines took up over watching positions near the palace and engaged the remaining mercs and P'hat Daddee's security detail in a blistering fire fight.  Another lucky RPG hit disabled Gunney Anderson's APC and forced him and 3d squad to take up positions in a building across the street from P'hat Daddee's HQ.

Gunny Anderson's squad

P'hat Daddee and his ladies foolishly opened fire (with SMGs) on Gunny Anderson's 3d Squad and were cut down in a devastating return fire.  At that point I just knew that I had HIM!

     But… it wasn't to be! A pair of brave mercs grabbed him and pulled him to safety!!! And that was when my marines got a good look at P'hatt Daddee… IT WASN'T HIM!!! Apparently what my marines found was a body double!!!

     Apparently the real P'hatt Daddee was long gone (a captured merc confirmed this) and he left this double to cover his withdrawl! Clever B$%^$%$Dd!!!

     As an aside note: Gunny Anderson's squad searched the building that they were in and made a startling discovery.  Apparently Ms. Britney Spears had been in their building sometime earlier and left a pair of her undies in the building.  Sgt Anderson immediately ordered his marines to MOPP 3 and called in a HAZMAT team to clear the building.  At this time none of the marines have suffered any ill effects from exposure.  However MAU biowarfare specialists have ordered 3d Squad and Gunny Anderson into quarantine for at least 72 hours and all of their gear has been "spaced" in order to prevent the spread of any biowarfare agents.  Finally, despite threats to the otherwise, the marine strike team made no contact with Bongolesian youths or "vital bodily fluids". 

     This incident is currently under investigation by the Judge Advocate General's office and the Weyland-Yutani Bio-Warfare Division to determine if Ms. Spears undies are indeed weapons-grade biological material.  Findings will be forwarded to the ICC and to the United Americas to determine if this is, indeed, a criminal use of biological weapons.  Otherwise these panties will be for sale on Ebay within a week!!!

     The butcher's bill was high… two marines were dead and one was critically wounded. Also one M577 was damaged along with a tank, while the other M577 was destroyed. Enemy losses were very heavy, but their RPGs took a heavy toll.
     It was a really fun game and it was a serious nail-biter at the end!  Great fun for a birthday game with my boys.  Now I must pull my marines back to orbit, lick my wounds, and rethink my strategy.  I may have bitten off more than I can chew!

Semper-fi, carry on.


  1. Just curious...any difference running this using Tomorrow's War as opposed to Force on Force?

  2. Oddly enough, quite a bit. The big thing that I was "playing with" was Tech Levels. They do make a huge difference. Here's an example- the Bradley was a tech 1 vehicle and it was fired on by a tech 2 light tank (armed with sci-fi mass driver autocannon).

    The difference in technology was scary! It gave the tank a pretty huge advantage and resulted in a rather toasted Bradly that probably would have been able to shrug off this shot if it was done by a vehicle that used the same tech level.

    Also, there were differences in technology between the weapons too! Both sides used similar weapons, but on different tech levels! That's why my marines just swept away the mercs with little effort. BUT the mercs had tech level 2 RPGs and you saw what happened to my AFVs! You wouldn't think it, but the extra die from tech differences was really felt in the game.

    On the whole, it did feel like Force on Force, but you could tell that there was a real difference here. I can't wait to try out some of the more crunchy rules

    If I had more time I probably would have used the "net" rules, drop ships, and robot/drone rules.

    I probably could have done this game as Force on Force with no problems, but the feel, at least to me, would have been very different.

  3. Oh, sorry, I was logged in with my other account. That's me answering as "Randall Case".